Bethlehem Top 10 Must Do Experiences

From some of the holiest places on earth to majestic historical and natural sites, there’s plenty to see and do in Bethlehem

1. Manger Square and the Church of Nativity: Give yourself plenty of time to take in Bethlehem’s world renowned religious sites. Enjoy free time touring the Square, shopping in the Old City, and then take a break at one of the many restaurants and cafes.

2. The Old City Streets of Bethlehem: Explore Star and Al-Madbasseh Streets with their abundance of shops, cafes, and cultural centers. Do not forget to take a stroll through the Souq.

3. Shepherd’s Field: Travel to nearby Beit Sahour and visit the spot where angels appeared to a group of shepherds “keeping watch over their flock” and announced the birth of Jesus.

4. St. Nicolas Church: Visit St. Nicholas Church in Beit Jala and then sample the famous wines produced by the Salesian monks of Cremisan Monastery.

5. Solomon’s Pools: See the ancient cisterns and aqueduct built by Herod that provided drinking water to Bethlehem and Jerusalem for centuries.

6. Village of Artas: Experience traditional Palestinian life in this nearby village famous for the beautiful Hortus Conclusus Monastery and its annual Lettuce Festival.

7. Museums and Cultural Centers: Take in one of the many museums and cultural heritage centers in the city. Visit a folklore museum and see a noteworthy collection of costumes, household items, and artifacts portraying Palestinian daily life and customs.

8. Traditional Dining: Treat yourself to Bethlehem’s legendary cuisine by sampling a wide variety of local delicacies like hummus, falafel, grilled lamb and assorted mezzas. Enjoy an evening in one of the city’s exquisite restaurants featuring folk dancing and singing.

9. Hiking and Nature Tours: Take a hiking tour in the Bethlehem wilderness or a casual walk through the nearby countryside.

10. Local Souvenir Shops: Be sure to visit some of the city’s celebrated souvenir shops. Buy unique handcrafted souvenirs made locally from olive wood, mother-of-pearl, and traditional Palestinian embroidery.

For more information and directions one can visit one of the two information centers located on Manger Square – the Bethlehem Peace Center and the Visitor Information Center