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Vote Dead Sea for the New7Wonders of Nature

At about 417m below sea level lies the Dead Sea, making it the lowest point on Earth and the world’s largest natural spa, with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and extraordinary zoological and botanical riches.

In addition to that, the Dead Sea is the world’s saltiest water body with exceptional richness in minerals attracting millions of visitors for curative treatment and to enjoy floating on its relaxing waters.

Despite the fact that Palestine has no control yet over its shores due to continuing occupation, we invite you to vote for the Dead Sea because we believe that the Dead Sea truly is a natural wonder and is a gift for all mankind.

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Welcome to Palestine

Welcome to Palestine, the cradle of civilization, where West meets East, North meets South, and where Judaism, Christianity, and Islam took form.
We welcome you in Palestine and hope that you enjoy our cultural richness, deeply compelling history, and legendary hospitality.
Over the centuries millions of people have come to visit this beautiful Holy Land and we are glad to welcome you among them.                                             Ahlan Wa Sahlan