Jericho Accommodation


Intercontinental Jericho
Category: 5stars
(181 rooms; su; bf; cf; mr; res; ter; tb)
Tel: 02-2311200
Fax: 02-2311222

Jericho Hotel &Resort Village
Category: 4stars
(60 rooms; 46 studios; bf; cf; mr; res)
Tel: 02-2321255
Fax: 02-2322189

Jericho Moon City Hotel
Category: 1 Star
Tel: 02-2327292
Fax: 02-2326844

Jerusalem Resort Hotel
Category: unclassified
(22 rooms)
Tel: 02-2322444
Fax: 02-2323109

Guest Houses

Roman Pilgrims Hostel
Tel: +970-2-2320903

WEDO GuestHouse
Tel: 02-2310424
Fax: 02-2310424

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