Jerusalem: The Heart of the Holy Land

Al Quds As-sherif  Jerusalem, known as Beit Makdes in Arabic and Yerushalayim in Hebrew, has been known for centuries as a center for three major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is a city with amazingly broad human diversity, representing different races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. Jerusalem towers over all other cities by being a spiritual city. For the faithful, a visit to Jerusalem is a powerful affirmation of faith.

[Ten measures of beauty gave God to the World: nine to Jerusalem and one to the remainder. Ten measures of sorrow gave God to the World: nine to Jerusalem and one to the remainder. –Talmud] … Continue reading →


Gates of Jerusalem – Holy Sepulcher – Via Dolorosa – Dome of the Rock – Al-Aqsa Mosque – The Garden Tomb – Mount of Olives – Church of All Nations) – Dormition Abbey – The Coenaeculum – Tomb of David – Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu – Silwan – Al-Buraq Wall – Western Wall – Qubeiba – Souqs – Cultural Centers – Museums


The best  way to discover Jerusalem on foot. Most of the historical, cultural, and religious sites are concentrated inside the Old City or in close proximity to it.

If you have to take public transportation, the area around Damascus Gate is the arrival and departure point for all destinations in East Jerusalemand the West bank.

  1. jerusalem is beautiful

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