Nablus Accommodation


Al Qaser Hotel
Category: 3stars
(38 rooms; bf; cf; mr; res)
Tel: 09-2341444-9
Fax: 09-2341944

Al Yasmeen Hotel
Category: 3stars
(30 rooms; cf; mr; res)
Tel: 09-2333555
Fax: 09-2333666

Guest Houses

Al Esteklal Pension
Category: pension
Tel: 09-2383618

Crystal Motel
Category: pension
(12 rooms)
Tel: 09-2333281
Fax: 09-2332485

International Friends Guest House
Category: pension
Tel: 09-2381064
Fax: 09-2381064

Pansion Ramsees
Category: pension
Tel: 09-2376913
Fax: 09-2385043

Nablus Society for Development and Community Development

Youth Nabulsi Hostel

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