Al Ain Hotel Under classification

00970 22404353



Alhambra Palace Hotel


Under classification


Phone:00970 22956285
Website: www.alhambra-palace-hotel.com


Al Wehdeh Hotel


Under classification


Phone: 00970 22980412



Al Zahra Towers Hotel Three Stars
Phone:00970 22423019
Email: alzahrasuites@hotmail.com


Aladdin Hotel Under classification
Phone:00970 22407921
Email: aladdin@ymail.com
Website: www.thealaddinhotel.com


Ankars Suites Three Stars
Phone:00970 22952602
Email: info@ankarssuites.ps
Website: www.ankars.ps


Beauty Inn Hotel Under classification
Phone:00970 22966477
Email: beauyt.inn@hotmail.com
Website: www.beautyinn.ps


Caesar Hotel Four Stars
Phone:00970 22979400
Email: info@caesar-hotel.ps
Website: www.caesar-hotel.ps


City Inn Palace Hotel Three Stars
Phone:00970 22408080
Email: cityinnpalace@gmail.com
Website: http://www.cityinnpalace.com/


Crown Suites Three Stars
Phone:00970 22974002
Website: www.crownsuiteshotel.ps


Gemzo Suites Under classification
Phone:00970 22409729
Email: gemzo@palnet.com
Website: www.gemzosuites.net



Grand Park Hotel Five Stars
Phone:00970 22946800
Email: info@grandpark.com
Website: http://www.grandpark.com/


Merry Land Hotel Under classification
Phone:00970 22957331


Mirador Hotel & Restaurants Four Stars
Phone:00970 22976474
Email: info@mirador.ps


Movenpick Hotel Five Stars
Phone:00970 22985888
Email: hotels@palnet.com
Website: www.moevenpick-ramallah.com


Palestine Plaza Hotel Five Stars
Phone:00970 22973574


Email: info@palestinetradetower.com
Website: http://www.palestinetradetower.com/


Retno Hotel Two Stars
Phone:00970 22950022
Email: retno@retnohotel.com
Website: www.retnohotel.com


Rets Hotel One Star
Phone:00970 22987433
Email: retsrooms@hotmail.com
Website: www.retsrooms.ps


Rocky Hotel Three Stars
Phone:00970 22964470
Email: rock_hotel@hotmail.com


Royal Court Suites Hotel Three Stars


Phone:00970 22964040
Email: rcshotel@palnet.com
Website www.rcshotel.com


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