The Holy Family Route

Journey Details:
Region: West Bank & Israel
Duration: 6 days
Length: 230km

Day One: Tour of Hebron. Highlights: Mamri, Makhpela, Oriental Market, Russian Orthodox Church (Church of the Oak), Tell Rumaidah, traditional glass factories. Overnight in Bethlehem.

Day Two: Tour of Bethlehem and vicinity. Highlights: Church of the Nativity, Milk Grotto, Palestinian Folklore Museum, Rachel’s Tomb, Mar Saba, Solomon’s Pools, Murad’s Forterss, Herodion. Overnight in Bethlehem.

Day Three: Tour of Jerusalem. Highlights: city walls and gates, Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock, Mount of Olives, Via Dolorosa.

Cultural evening in either Ramallah or in one of the villages.

Overnight at a hotel in either East Jerusalem or Ramallah.

Day Four: Tour of Ramallah and Jericho: Highlights: Church of the Holy Family in al-Bireh, Beit El, Taibeh, Good Samaritan Inn, Wadi al Qelt and the monastries of the Judian Desert, Khirbat Qumran, Dead Sea, Monastery of Temptation. Overnight in Jerusalem, Jericho or Ramallah.

Day Five: Tour of Nablus and the North: Highlights: Jacob’s Well, Roman Nablus, Gerzim Mountain and the Samaritans, Shechem, Sebastia, Burqin Church, al-Zababdah. Over night in Jericho or Nablus.

Day Six: Tour of Nazareth and Tiberias. Highlights: Church of Annunciation, St. Joseph, Mary’s Well. Cana, Mount Tabur, Sea of Galilee.

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